Embedded Open Source Summit 2023

June 27-30, 2023

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Embedded Open Source Summit (EOSS) is a new umbrella event for open source embedded projects and developer communities to come together under one roof for important collaboration and education.

Linaro will be presenting 6 sessions: 

  • Zephyr Project Developer Summit

(Virtual) Leveraging Compiler Code Instrumentation for Zephyr Tracing & Profiling Tools 
June 26 • 12:00 - 12:40 CEST

Speakers, Kevin Townsend, Technical Lead, Linaro and Gustavo Romero, Software Engineer, Linaro

Boot to Cloud Security Considerations with IoT 
June 28 • 11:10 - 11:50 CEST

Speaker: Kevin Townsend, Technical Lead, Linaro

The Zephyr Project Security Overview, Progress, and Status
June 29 • 19:00 - 20:00 CEST

Speakers: David Brown, Senior Engineer, Linaro and Flavio Ceolin, Software Engineer, Intel

  • Embedded Linux Conference (ELC)

How to Get Your DT Schema Bindings Accepted in Less Than 10 Iterations 
June 28 • 14:50 - 15:30 CEST

Preparing Linux Real-Time Kernel and Tuning Robotics Platform with Modern ARM64 SoC
June 29 • 12:10 - 12:50 CEST

Speaker: Krzysztof Kozlowsk, Senior Linux Kernel Engineer

A Developer’s Diary: The Trials and Triumphs of Maintaining Devboards in AOSP 
June 30 • 09:50 - 10:30 CEST

Speaker: Amit Pundir, Senior Engineer, Linaro

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