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Huawei’s Global Software Technology Summit is an event which focuses on topics such as Operating Systems, Data Analytics, Compilers, Programming Languages and Cloud Service Technology.

VirtIO HALs and other abstractions

Presenter: Alex Bennee, Senior Engineer, Toolchain Group

In a world of isolated workloads VirtIO provides an efficient mechanism for emulating HW. Although originally designed for Linux and KVM, Linaro’s Project Stratos envisages a series of portable backends supporting a range of device types on multiple hypervisors. This talk will give an overview of how VirtIO works, the key interfaces required and the work done to date. We shall also look at various deployment architectures and discuss some of the challenges still to be addressed.

When: Wednesday 6 July 2022, 11.10-12.00 (UTC+1)

You can find Alex’s session recording (at 5:13:01) here:

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