Using Linux kernel for Real-Time Systems (Member Exclusive Linaro Connect Tech Webinar)

Using Linux kernel for Real-Time Systems was held on 18-25th Jan 2022 and was a Member only exclusive event. Click to read more.

Linaro Connect Webinar: Using Linux kernel for Real-Time Systems


Even if it is not yet fully activated, the recent merging of the PREEMPT_RT code into v5.15 has served to increase interest in building real-time systems using the Linux kernel. Linaro is pleased to invite engineers from its core, club and group members to an exclusive training programme to help your teams learn more about this important topic.

Using the Linux kernel for real-time systems is a primer on the real-time behaviour of the Linux kernel. In the first part we will cover the system and library calls that are most critical to building real-time applications whilst in the second we take a closer look at the scheduler and the different ways preemptive scheduling can be configured and implemented within the Linux kernel.

Trainees must have experience of either real-time systems or of integrating embedded Linux systems. Trainees will learn about the trade-offs involved in the different kernel preemption modes together with an overview of the tools you can use to study system behaviour of real-time Linux systems.


  • Daniel Thompson, Principal Tech Lead at Linaro
  • Leo Yan, Senior Engineer at Linaro

This is a two part training.

  • Part one will be held on Tuesday, January 18
  • Part two will be held on Tuesday, January 25

Both sessions have three opportunities to join:

  • 2:00AM UTC (in Mandarin / 10 AM CST)
  • 9:00 AM GMT (in English)
  • 17:00 PM GMT (in English)


-Duration of training: 2 hours 
-Format: Live, Zoom webinar and live streamed to Youtube 
-Availability: Open to Linaro Members only
-Cost: Free
-Registration is now closed.

Registration is now closed for this event. If you are an employee of a Linaro member company and would like to request a late registration please email

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