Long Term Support (LTS) for the Linux Kernel : what’s changing now?


Is 2 years Long Term Linux Kernel Support (LTS) for Embedded, Edge and Automotive devices enough for ODMs and Silicon Vendors? What new government mandates (e.g. E.U. Cyber Resilience Act) are influencing your kernel strategy?

📆 Date: April 3rd 2024
🕒 Time: 4:30pm GMT
🌐 Online Event: Join from anywhere

Community LTS Kernel Support Has Been Reduced

The Linux Kernel community offers two years of LTS support by default. Is this enough for ODMs, Silicon Vendors and solution providers who ship the Linux Kernel in product and had been expecting six years of support?

New Government Mandates Impact Open Source Software

Companies need to be aware of new legislation that imposes new obligations on their products. The E.U. Ecodesign Mandate, the E.U. Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), the US Patch Act and others are all advancing a common theme, products must have timely software updates, the latest security fixes must be available and OS updates must be made for extended periods of time. How can companies economically meet these requirements?

Linaro LTS Kernel and Firmware Solutions

Linaro, has deep and wide Linux Kernel engineering and maintenance expertise. Join Tom Gall (Director Vertical Technologies), Dan Carpenter (LTS Lead Architect) and Bill Fletcher (Solutions Director) as they explore the issues, and lay out how Silicon Vendors, ODMs and other organisations operating in the Arm ecosystem can successfully satisfy customer needs, meet government mandates and achieve their organisational requirements for a high quality Linux Kernel, U-Boot, Trusted Firmware A and OPTEE in support of their product goals.

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