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At openEuler Developer Day, Linaro had two sessions on accelerating high performance computing and the Arm64 open HPC filesystem.

The Operating System Summit openEuler Developer Day 2022 was held online from April 13th to 15th.

openEuler Developer Day 2022 (ODD 2022 for short) is a developer conference initiated by the openEuler community of the OpenAtom Foundation. It aims to promote the technical exploration and innovation of openEuler in server, cloud computing, edge computing and embedded devices.

ODD 2022 brought together the main contributors and developers in the community, focusing on the technological open innovation and ecosystem development, and reflecting the value of community contribution and personal growth from the perspective of developers. The community called on more developers to join and contribute to the continuous development of openEuler.

Linaro’s Senior Technical Experts in China Guodong Liu, Haojian Zhuang and Xinliang Liu spoke at the “big data and storage” sub-forum,see below details and links to session resources below:

Session1: Accelerating for high performance computing with Arm SVE vector instructions Speaker:Guodong Xu,Haojian Zhuang,Linaro senior technique expert

Session2:The status and progress of the Arm64 open HPC filesystem Speaker:Xinliang Liu,Linaro senior technique expert

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