Fall 2018 UEFI Plugfest

Since early 2007, the UEFI Forum has been hosting 1-3 plugfests each year. Members of the Forum are invited to participate in these interoperability testing events. Typically, system vendors such as OEM/ODMs or Independent Firmware Vendors (IFVs) book test rooms at the event venue and set up their systems (servers and PCs), Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs) take their peripheral devices (storage or network host bridge adapters, and graphics cards, etc.) to the system vendors’ test rooms to test the interoperability. Operating System Vendors (OSVs) sometimes alto take the latest versions of their OS images to test. The focus of the tests is around the UEFI drivers, OS level device drivers and the OSes. These plugfests have been extremely useful in successfully moving the x64 ecosystem to adopt the UEFI technologies.

As we develop the Arm infrastructure ecosystem, it becomes very clear to us that taking advantage of the UEFI plugfest to test the device interoperability with the Arm servers is critical. Therefore, Arm and Linaro decided to sponsor the next event which is to take place at the Capital Hotel Dahzi in Taipei on Oct 15, 2018 to Oct 19, 2018 hosted by American Megatrends, Inc.

We encourage the Arm ecosystem partners (OEM/ODMs, SiPs, IHVs) to join us at the plugfest to learn about the latest UEFI specification enhancements from technology experts and sign-up to test your latest platforms, devices (both the UEFI drivers and the OS level drivers, and firmware) during the private plugfest testing sessions.


Date: Oct 15-19th, 2018 Place: Capital Hotel Dahzi,Taipei

Registration is now open. UEFI Forum members can register here: http://bit.ly/2v5VJ3F.

Plugfest attendees must sign the disclosure agreement and photo and video waiver.

Attendees can either sign and bring a printed copy to the event or sign a version on site. Print the disclosure agreement here:


More Information:

UEFI Forum Board of Directors: https://uefi.org/board

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