About Linaro

Linaro works across a wide range of software platforms and Industry segments. Our goal is to make it easier for companies to work with, and leverage, Arm open source software.

We do this in multiple ways:


The collaborative projects we work on together with Industry leaders and the open source community tackle common challenges felt across most Industry segments. To read about Membership, click here.


While the working groups work on non-differentiating technology that all participating companies can benefit from, other companies may simply want help building, deploying and maintaining their products. In this scenario, they can work on a 1:1 basis with Linaro Developer Services, a team of experts who provide training, help building board support packages, testing and long term support and Qualcomm platform services. For more information, click here.


Linaro offers a range of software tools SoCs need to succeed in the Arm ecosystem. LinaroForge, CodeLinaro and Tuxsuite are all aimed at making it easier to develop, publish and maintain your software while ensuring it is secure and high quality.

Linaro Forge

An interoperable toolkit for debugging and profiling


A single platform for your software distribution


On-demand APIs and tools for building and testing Linux kernels in parallel and at scale.

Regardless of how customers engage with Linaro, they all share one thing in common - the need for expertise and experience which makes it easier for them to work with Arm software and be competitive in the Arm ecosystem. Linaro provides that expertise.