While we all know the benefits of working upstream, it can take time to understand how best to participate and feel confident working directly in open source communities. Since 2010, Linaro has driven open source software development on Arm. As a result, we are well versed in working with the open source community.

Linaro Developer Services have expert level knowledge of the wide range of open source licenses currently in use in open source communities and can provide license audits and recommendations in order to help companies eliminate risk and move to compliance. We have deep experience reviewing customer’s code before submission to communities to facilitate faster acceptance. Our priority is to ensure companies are benefiting from the best open source has to offer.

In addition to our role as open source consultants, we also provide advice and hands on Linux training to customers to help them significantly improve their working relationship with open source communities and successfully achieve their goals.

Linaro Developer Services provides customised training on a variety of topics. Moreover we provide expert instructors who are real world engineers and are specialists in delivering hands-on training across Linux and Arm technology.

Our courses are flexible and can be delivered on site or remotely. Courses can be tailored if required and all training modules are structured to meet the requirements of your team. In addition to hands-on-training, we also can provide mentoring. The courses incorporate many emerging technologies, together with the latest best practices. Topics include:

Introduction to Kernel Development

  • Introduction to Devicetree
  • Pragmatic Linux driver development - Part 1
  • Pragmatic Linux driver development - Part 2
  • Symbolic debugging for Linux kernel and userspace

A Practical Introduction to OpenEmbedded/Yocto

  • Getting started
  • Anatomy of a typical Linux distribution
  • Updating the Linux kernel
  • Developing applications

Advanced Kernel Debugging

  • Kernel debug stories
  • Tracing with ftrace
  • Debugging with eBPF
  • Using perf on Arm platforms

Building Custom Systems with OpenEmbedded/Yocto

  • Introduction to OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project
  • OpenEmbedded main concepts
  • Build workflow
  • OpenEmbedded advanced concepts
  • Debug the build
  • Toolchain

Trusted Firmware A for Armv8 systems

  • ARMv8 exception model and boot
  • Secure monitor and power management

We have trained many engineers across key areas such as OP-TEE, Energy Aware Scheduler, Arm Trusted Firmware, Power Management and Open Source development to name but a few.

Contact Linaro Developer Services to find out how we can support your team in gaining the skills to successfully and efficiently upstream future products.