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One of the main objectives when forming Linaro was to consolidate the Arm code base.

The code churn created by multiple companies and individuals trying to upstream essentially the same code into was causing fragmentation and slowing down innovation and delivery of products. Linaro’s work, especially in the kernel, provided the focal point for collaboration and the situation recognizably improved by 2012, something Linus Torvalds recognized. Since the Linux kernel release 3.10, Linaro has been consistently listed as one of the top ten company contributors, worldwide, to Linux kernel. We are also widely recognized for the work we have done on toolchains such as GCC and LLVM. In addition to our work in the Linux kernel and toolchains, we are known for our expertise in security and testing through projects such as OP-TEE, LAVA and LKFT.

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Accelerating time to market through collaboration on low-level functionality

Regardless of market or device, all products require low-level functionality - tools, frameworks, testing mechanisms and security - in order to function. Developing this low-level functionality in house is costly and requires a wide range of expertise which is why member companies choose to work with Linaro and other industry leaders to develop the foundations once. Not only does this enable them to leverage the expertise of our technical domain experts but it also reduces overall costs through shared engineering resource. Working together with Linaro engineers who are well versed in navigating open source communities in turn accelerates time to market.

The Technologies delivering the foundations upon which to differentiate

Linaro plays a significant role in maintaining and evolving foundational open source software on Arm. Read more about our contributions by selecting the technology of interest:

How to participate

There are multiple ways to engage with Linaro.