Linaro Long-Term Support: Enhance the Longevity of Your Linux Software

The security and support solution for your Linux boot-to-kernel product needs levelled-up with advanced Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines and LAVA technology

Why You Can Trust Linaro Long-Term Support:

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Extensive Expertise

Since 2010, our contributions span multiple areas, including Arm SoC, Power, Thermal, IO, LLVM, Android, RT, and more.

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Proven Quality

We conduct over a billion tests annually, ensuring the highest level of quality.

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Tailored LTS

We deliver, maintain, test Long Term Support Linux Kernels for arm, arm64 and x86_64.

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Out-of-tree patches, hardware inclusion in the Linaro-hosted test farm, uprevving of patches, additional test suites, and more.

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Join a collaborative ecosystem where economies of scale and shared testing resources drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Linaro’s world class open source engineering team, monitors and integrates the latest fixes and CVEs for the Linux Kernel, OP-TEE, Trusted Firmware-A and U-Boot.

Rigorous testing protocols are designed to detect regressions early, safeguarding your software updates from potential upstream impacts.

We offer customizable solutions tailored to your needs, including additional or custom test suites, out of tree source management, upstreaming services, and device-specific testing.

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Save money by providing a cost-effective alternative to in-house LTS kernel and firmware management


Ensure compliance with software update mandates.

Solid Foundation:

Build your product on a robust and long-lasting kernel base.


Enter a world of benefits

Resource Optimization:

Free up resources for high-ROI areas of development.


Leverage Linaro's Linux Kernel expertise and community connections.

Informed Decision-Making:

Stay informed as issues are discovered and resolved.

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