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Arm is the dominant CPU architecture in modern smartphones because of its efficient power consumption, fast performance and all day battery life. Ensuring Android devices run smoothly on Arm is therefore crucial to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Android and Open Source

For devices running on Arm-based technology to truly leverage the Arm CPU’s power consumption, performance and all day battery life capabilities, it is necessary to ensure that open source tools and applications using Android can run natively on Arm. It is also essential to ensure that Android devices are continually maintained, updated and secure.

These are no small tasks which any one company can tackle on its own. This is why companies join the Linaro Consumer Group.

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Maintaining Secure and Up to Date Android Devices

There are millions of Android devices all over the world that need to be kept secure and up to date. But how do you make that happen? Linaro has been active in the Android community for many years, specialising in getting security patches and features upstreamed so that the community as a whole can benefit. Equally crucial to ensuring Android devices are secure and up to date is the regular testing of upstream kernels. Linaro created the testing framework which is used to do just this - Linux Kernel Functional Test (LKFT). Linaro runs regular tests of upstream kernels with AOSP and creates regression reports to the community, authoring fixes to specific issues which are then passed along to the correct community to take action.

Why work with Linaro?

Linaro plays a leading role in ensuring Android devices are tested, secure and up-to-date with the latest features. All of this is made possible through the collaboration that takes place between Linaro and its members in the Linaro Consumer Group. Joining the Linaro Consumer Group allows you to be part of the conversation which decides what work needs to be prioritized and how.

If you are interested in working with Linaro and other industry leading experts on finding solutions to shared problems, fill out our Membership form here. The Business Development team will then be in touch to discuss your requirements further.

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