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Linaro Developer Services is a leader in providing Linux BSP development, maintenance and optimization for Qualcomm platforms such as Qualcomm Snapdragon. Linaro software engineers are recognized worldwide as experts in the Linux kernel community, and the maintainers in the official Linux kernel for main key Qualcomm subsystems and drivers.

Linaro is a member of Qualcomm Advantage Network program

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Areas Linaro can help

Linaro Developer Services has extensive experience aiding companies who use Qualcomm platforms to build their products:

  • To upgrade Qualcomm Technologies downstream legacy Linux kernel BSP to up-to-date Linux releases and Long Term Support (LTS)
  • To develop and upstream optimized drivers for hardware platforms based on Qualcomm Technologies processors
  • To migrate customers from locked down binary blob drivers to open source solutions (GPU, Compute, Connectivity…).

Significant experience and proven leadership in the Linux community

  • Linaro Developer Services has significant experience and proven leadership in the Linux community with more than 2500 Qualcomm Technologies related contributions in the kernel.org Linux releases.
  • Linaro Developer Services engineers maintain many key Qualcomm subsystems and drivers such as Qualcomm platforms drivers and device tree, Remoteproc/rpmsg, Audio (including Slimbus, Soundwire and compressed audio), Ethernet, Modem IPA, Modem Host Interface (MHI), Thermal management.
  • Linaro Developer Services delivers and maintains Linux and Android reference BSP for the DragonBoardTM 410c and the DragonBoardTM 820c and the Qualcomm® Robotics RB3 and Qualcomm Robotics RB5 platforms

Wide range of operating system support

Linaro is a member of the Yocto Project and provides dedicated expertise to build and optimize Yocto Project based Linux products. In addition Linaro Developer Services can assist with a wide range of Linux operating systems, such as Debian, and Android.

Contact us to find out more about what Qualcomm services we offer and how we can help develop, maintain and optimize your product using Qualcomm technologies.