Arm Based Cloud Computing & Servers

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The past few years have seen Arm being adopted more and more in the server space, with the world’s fastest supercomputer - Fujitsu’s Fugaku - running on Arm CPUs.

It is a well known fact that Arm chips have dominated the mobile market. The flexibility Arm offers device manufacturers who can design Arm chips to meet specific needs make it an attractive choice. But for Arm server chips to continue to meet the demands of businesses needing more storage and more data, there needs to be a software ecosystem in place that helps drive feature enablement, testing and bug fixing. Linaro works together with its member companies on strengthening the software ecosystem for Arm servers.

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Making Arm a first class citizen

Linaro, together with its member companies, is working on making key open source projects enabled for Arm-based servers. We refer to this as making Arm a first class citizen. By verifying the projects build continuously, get tested and have binaries available for Arm server targets, the Arm ecosystem is able to depend on quality software for use in production environments.

Linaro projects delivering quality software for Arm-based servers

How to participate

There are multiple ways to engage with Linaro.