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Arm Ecosystem

Linaro works with businesses and open source communities to develop software on Arm-based technology. We create solutions that drive forward the Arm software ecosystem, enhance standardisation, promote collaboration across industries and contribute to real-world applications.

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If you want to work with Linaro’s technical domain experts and other industry leaders on solving common problems, then Linaro membership is the option for you. Click on the videos below to find out why our members choose to partner with Linaro:

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Linaro Developer Services

If you want to leverage Linaro’s Arm and open source software expertise on a specific project, then working with Linaro Developer Services is the right option for you.

From initial design through to development, implementation, support and training, Linaro Developer Services help you leverage open source on Arm to ensure fast time to market, exceptional quality and security, and cost effective long term maintenance..

Experts in Open Source Software on Arm


of Linaro patches are accepted within 7 days of submission (75% within 35 days)


In the top 10 Contributors to the Linux kernel


Number of patches submitted to upstream projects in the past 2 years


Open Source Software Maintainers

In total Linaro Maintainers manage over 40 Open Source Projects