Linaro Working Groups

In 2010 the Arm code base was fragmented, slowing down innovation.

Linaro was formed to consolidate it.

Fast forward to today...

Linaro and its working groups have played a leading role in all of these achievements. Some challenges are too big to solve on your own - too expensive or too complex. Linaro provides a forum for industry leaders in the Arm ecosystem to collaboratively discuss, agree and implement solutions to shared problems.

Linaro offers multiple ways to engage in collaborative engineering

Companies collaborate with Linaro and other industry leaders on open source projects which address specific needs and challenges. A company can choose to join one project, multiple projects within a specific working group or all projects which Linaro drives.

Project Membership

Access to one project

Project Members join one Linaro project. To see the full list of projects, go to our Projects page.

We pay as a member and we contribute engineering in, but we get an order of magnitude engineering out. This allows us to accelerate some of our development on the Arm platforms and the wider ecosystem as a whole, something that we wouldn’t necessarily be able to do internally at Red Hat.

Peter Robinson, Lead Architect, IoT & Edge, Red Hat

Segment Group Membership

Access to projects within a particular Group

Group Members drive strategy within a specific segment and can participate in any of the Linaro projects run by their Segment Group.

Android Ecosystem icon

Android Ecosystem

Automotive, IoT & Edge Devices icon

Automotive, IoT & Edge Devices

Arm Based Cloud Computing and Servers icon

Arm Based Cloud Computing & Servers

Windows on Arm icon

Windows on Arm

When there are features that are beneficial to a group of companies and we all need the problem solved but it isn’t our differentiating feature, it just has to get done, Linaro is a great place to make that happen and they know how to make collaboration work.

Todd Kjos, Technical Lead, Android Kernel Team, Google

Linaro Consumer Group

The Linaro Consumer Group’s mission is to improve the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) ecosystem through collaborative activities that benefit members across all Android use cases. To learn more about the problems the Linaro Consumer group are solving, go to the Android Ecosystem page.

Linaro Edge Computing Group

The Linaro Edge Computing group (LEDGE) is collaborating with its members to establish a secure boot process that adheres to industry standards such as SystemReady, PSA, and PARSEC. The team is also tirelessly working to eliminate non-differentiating rework in the reference stack and implement features such as hypervisor independence and establishing virtio interfaces to abstract even heterogeneous system differences. To learn more about the problems the Edge Computing Group are solving, go to the Automotive, Edge & IoT Devices page.

The value we get out of being a member is that we can collaborate with other companies. It is awkward to call up one of our competitors and say hey we are working on this stuff it would make sense for us to collaborate. It is much better if you have an organisation that can facilitate that and Linaro is doing a fantastic job doing just that.

Tomas Evensen, CTO Open Source Software, AMD/Xilinx

In order to become part of the open source community, I felt it was very important to join our peers. I believe we benefited greatly from joining Linaro since we now have a connection with various communities including Linaro and the Linux Community.

Kouichi Hirai, Fujitsu

Linaro Datacenter & Cloud Group

The Linaro Data Center Group’s primary goal is to advance the Arm server technology. To read more about the problems the Datacenter & Cloud Group are solving, go to the Cloud Computing & Servers page.

Linaro Windows Group

The Windows on Arm project aims to establish a healthy self-sustaining Arm open source ecosystem for Windows. To learn more about the problems the Windows on Arm Group are solving, go to the Windows on Arm page.

Probably the most valuable thing we have got out of our membership is the glue they have given us in bringing the partnership together between Microsoft, Qualcomm and Arm as we stand shoulder to shoulder to move the mountain of this OSS software to the platform for Windows on Arm. That has been possible through the relationship with Linaro.

Marcus Perryman, Principal Engineer, Microsoft

Club & Core Membership

Access to all Linaro projects

Core and Club members can participate in any of Linaro’s segment groups as well as in projects which cover all industries, such as the Linux kernel, toolchains, testing and CI. To read about the work we do in these areas go to Core Technologies page. Core and Club Members also have access to their own dedicated engineering team. The key difference between Core membership and Club membership is that Core Members get a vote on the board, allowing them to influence the direction of Linaro.

In general when different companies come together to the same table to discuss and debate the technical merits of different proposals, they are likely to come up with a better solution than anyone of them can do on their own.

Sandeep Singhai, VP Engineering, Qualcomm

If you are interested in working with Linaro and other industry leading experts on finding solutions to shared problems, fill out our Membership form here. The Business Development team will then be in touch to discuss your requirements further.

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