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Linaro is tirelessly working to improve the quality of operating system kernels such as Linux and Zephyr by providing the software tools and processes to allow continuous build, functional testing and regression detection.

We specialise in rapid deployment of automated testing and have created (and maintain) projects such as LAVA (Linaro’s Automated Validation Architecture) and LKFT (Linaro’s Kernel Functional Test) to help maintain the quality of the kernel.

In addition to our expertise in Linux testing, we are known for our strong track record in kernel engineering. Linaro has been ranked in the top ten contributors to each release of the Linux kernel, both in terms of companies and employees for many years now.

All of this expertise is available to you through Linaro Developer Services.

Testing and Validation Services

Linaro Developer Services provide comprehensive continuous integration (CI) testing for client’s development and product software. We offer the following services:

  • CI loop planning and deployment services
  • Test plan development and test development
  • LAVA system deployment planning and services
  • LAVA customization services, board and test integration services

We have extensive experience with the above. Linaro has operated a large board test farm in Cambridge, for over ten years testing our member and client hardware. The lab performs bootloader and kernel testing, testing of images for products and board in an automated and reproducible fashion.

Kernels and Long Term Support Services

Linaro Developer Services has deep and wide kernel engineering and maintenance expertise. We are experts in Linux kernel lts (long-term support) and can help you to:

  • Maintain your kernel and backport key kernel features
  • Implement and maintain a unified product kernel across multiple product platforms
  • Maintain multiple kernels and kernel versions across multiple product platforms
  • Provide long term support and maintenance of the kernel for your product platforms
  • Upgrade to newer kernels and builds smoothly when needed

Contact Linaro Developer Services for help with your BSP and/or 96Boards product development.