Windows on Arm

Linaro is working with Arm, CIX Technology, Microsoft and Qualcomm to build a Windows on Arm ecosystem which supports native development. We believe native development is key to unlocking better user experiences and broader adoption of Windows on Arm platforms.

Our mission is to establish a healthy self-sustaining Arm open source ecosystem for Windows. We look at a diverse set of tools, languages, and frameworks to support Windows on Arm

Windows on Arm Supported Projects

The work we do to grow the Arm open source ecosystem for Windows involves setting up CI and testing, coordinating with vendors to analyze and fix regressions and establishing relationships with project maintainers. Below you will find all the projects we are currently working on along with projects we plan to enable for Windows on Arm in the future. To find out more about how well supported a project is in Windows on Arm, click on the relevant project or product below.

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Windows on Arm Portfolio Roadmap

Windows on Arm Roadmap

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Windows on Arm Technical

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