Linaro Continues the Democratisation of HPC with the Latest Release of Linaro Forge 23.1 background image

Linaro Continues the Democratisation of HPC with the Latest Release of Linaro Forge 23.1

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In conjunction with SC23 Linaro has released Linaro Forge 23.1. This release significantly expands the capabilities of the Forge Debugging and Performance Engineering tools for both novice and expert HPC developers, analysts, and application users.   

The Forge team has made a long commitment to extending the Forge suite to provide leading edge capabilities for HPC experts and evolving the capabilities to support novices and practitioners new to this resource.  In 2018 the Forge team recognized the growth of Python usage to support HPC. This exciting evolution has enabled disciplines not previously using these resources to leverage HPC capabilities. The Forge team responded immediately to this market shift by adding support for Python debugging to DDT. This support has evolved such that the current releases have very robust, but still easy to use debugging and performance engineering capabilities for HPC oriented Python applications.

The evolution of HPC in the cloud is also bringing a broader and more extensive user base to HPC. Projects that previously could not justify a cluster resource can now use the on-demand capabilities of this resource to facilitate new solutions. Organisations that previously could not obtain the expertise for on-site resources can now outsource that to the cloud. The Forge team continues to follow this market evolution to ensure that the tools work on all of the major platforms and architectures. The team is also enhancing the user interface and architecture so the tools are even easier to install and use in the cloud as with on-premise installations.

The complexity and quantity of HPC architectures continue to grow. The challenge of ensuring program correctness, and optimal performance on these platforms is growing at a superlinear rate. Meeting this challenge requires mature tools that are evolving their capabilities to address these changes. The latest Forge release has not only made the tools more accessible for novice users but will make it simpler for even the most expert HPC engineers to find and fix program correctness and performance issues.

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